Saturday, 21 September 2013

Caturday: Indiana

When I moved from England to America, my two cats (they're brothers, from the same litter) stayed behind in England with my Mom. I miss them a lot, and they will move over here eventually, but in the mean time I have many, many photos of them - plus I skype with them when I chat to my Mom lol! They totally don't scoff at the webcam and go to sleep or anything. Honest.

Here is Indiana :) He was so named because of his adventurous streak when I got them both as kittens. He's a bit of a sun god, and loves lazing around to soak up some rays.

Why hello there.

This paw is dirty from all the walking I haven't been doing.

You're in my light.

That's better!


  1. I can just imagine skyping with kitty cats!

  2. Awwww you must miss them a lot!

    1. I really do! They're still being fed though so I'm not sure how much they miss me hehe.